SCHUNK is the No. 1 global leader when it comes to clamping and gripping systems, and users around the world place their faith in the precision, reliability and durability of SCHUNK products. As part of this innovative family enterprise, SCHUNK Electronic Solutions has for many years been the leading manufacturer of linear motor axes, with these products also being used in customized machinery. The focus in the area of machinery is on modern electronic assembly production processes. These systems and equipment meet the highest expectations of increasing miniaturisation, the use of highly sensitive components and the growing quality demands made in PCB production.

Schnaidt GmbH cooperates with SCHUNK Electronic Solutions GmbH in the area of workpiece carriers for depaneling technology. Depaneling separators from SCHUNK Electronic Solutions are high-performance process components for the separation of individual PCB’s for electronic assemblies. End mills, saws or laser heads are used for separation. The separation processes employed are particularly quick and reliable, involve minimum stress and guarantee a maximum level of productivity and the finest separation quality.