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The requirements which your product needs to meet are continually increasing. These include demands such as the avoidance of mechanical stress on assemblies during the production process and the protection of delicate components against dust and mechanical damage. Careful handling is necessary to meet all these requirements, particularly in depaneling processes.

Find out how we can utilise our cutting technology to counter these influences in an effective manner.

MatrixX – the LATEST philosophy in depaneling technology


On the one hand, low volume/high mix production compels manufacturers to develop well-conceived setup management systems while, on the other, logistical processes not only require optimising, but also, and most importantly, need to be reduced due to continually increasing cost pressure. The Schnaidt MatrixX system is designed to address exactly these two issues. The MatrixX carrier plate employed in a depaneling system enables the changing of workpiece carriers manufactured for a specific project without using tools. This permits smooth changing between individual products to be manufactured, as the respective routing recipe is scanned and loaded through, for example, a barcode applied to the workpiece carrier.

A major advantage of this type of setup is that, rather than workpiece carrier changing being realised by skilled personnel, it can now be accomplished directly by operating personnel.

Furthermore, this also creates an option to design a chaotic manufacturing concept and alleviate the logistical bottleneck which often occurs in the depaneling system. Customers who already pursue this strategy transfer the depaneling system from SMD production to final installation, because the closer depaneling is brought to final installation in terms of space and time, the greater logistical processes can be simplified and minimised.  The MatrixX carrier plate can, naturally enough, be removed at any time without using tools and the original condition of the depaneling system re-established.

MatrixX Monoblock

MatrixX Flexi

MatrixX Stift WT

Depaneling fixture for aluminium conductor core PCB’s


The problem

Stress-sensitive components may be exposed to stress during separation of PCBs from production panels, even where professional depaneling systems are used which employ router bits or discs.

The mechanically forces which occur during separation may have a negative effect, depending on the size of the panel, the connection of individual assemblies or component positions on the assembly. In many cases, it is no longer possible to counter this problem solely through the choice of tools or routing strategy.


The solution

A workpiece carrier that ensures holding free of vibration and in the correct position is important of PCB panels are to be separated absolutely free of stress. Schnaidt GmbH is the first manufacturer to produce workpiece carriers with rubber-coated panel holders. This technology enables the clamping of PCB panels completely free of vibration between the holding nest and holding cover. This new method is primarily used in the separation of metal core PCBs where the vibration which normally occurs also adversely affects the service life of router bits. A further positive effect of this technology is that dust-sensitive components are completely protected against contamination in rubber chambers.

Schnaidt Depaneling fixture for aluminium conductor core PCB's

Circular blade „CUT+” with extractor


As with all other production processes, separation of PCBs from production panels is subject to continuous optimising and increasing cost pressure.

For this reason, hardly any other cutting process has enjoyed greater market penetration than the separation of assemblies using a circular blade. If the criteria and guidelines for separation with the circular blade have been observed in terms of panel layout and the production specification, this process represents an absolutely legitimate alternative to separation using a saw or router bit.


Schnaidt CUT

Schnaidt Cut is a durable cutting system designed for daily use in production. It is ideally complemented through the use of Schnaidt TUR carriers where this is appropriate. TUR workpiece carriers adhere to the layout already existing on the production panel after the separation process, thus enabling simpler further machining of individual assemblies which have been separated.

A further advantage is that the carrier guide aligns panels exactly with the scoring line on the cutting edge, thus ruling out any possible damage to SMD components.


Schnaidt CUT+

Due to the structure of the PCB, separation with a circular blade can break of glass fibre particles from the assembly which are then deposited on it.

Where the specification or function of the assembly strictly rules out any contamination, it is vital that these glass fibre particles be kept away from it.

With the Schnaidt Cut+, contaminants are extracted directly on the lower and upper edge of the cutter, thus preventing them from coming into contact with the assembly. This enables achievement of the required cleanliness qualification..

Schnaidt „CUT+” V-Cutter

Depaneling fixture for FR4 PCB’s


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