Generation change at Schnaidt GmbH

Generation change at Schnaidt GmbH

Helmut Schnaidt ensures corporate succession, handing the management baton to Jens Arnold and Armin Stangl

After more than 32 years at the head of Schnaidt GmbH, Helmut Schnaidt has transferred management to Jens Arnold and Armin Stangl as of 1 October 2021. Regulation of succession at a management level also represents a complete change of generation and transfer of company shares. 

Schnaidt GmbH was established in 1989 by Mr Schnaidt and his wife Margrit and, over time, has developed to become a well-known provider and technology leader in the soldering, separation and process engineering sector of the electronics industry. Schnaidt today supplies customers all over the world and represents excellence in both products and solutions that also meets the highest of quality demands. 

Mr Schnaidt handed over management on 1 October 2021 to Jens Arnold and Armin Stangl, both of whom are experienced players in the industry who can draw on many years of management experience and an appropriate technology background. While looking back at his time at the helm, Helmut Schnaidt was also confident about the future. “Over these many years, I have always been passionate about Schnaidt – and this will never change. I’m delighted to have found two eminently capable and motivated successors to whom, with a clear conscience, I can entrust the future of the enterprise”.

Mr Schnaidt is handing over a healthy and rock-solid business at the peak of its historical performance, and he will remain active in the company for a planned period of two years. In addition to his role as a consultant, he will continue his involvement in sales.

The course has been set for a continuation of the Schnaidt success story as a reliable partner and competent solution provider. Commenting on their appointments, the new Directors embraced their new mission. “We’re really looking forward to this new task, collaborating successfully with such a powerful team and, most importantly, addressing exciting issues and challenges with our customers, partners and suppliers. For us, „We make electronics producible“ is more than a mere slogan. It is a mission statement which we intended to imbue with new life every day”.