The Material CDM®, exclusive to Schnaidt GmbH

CDM® is a registered trademark that can be obtained in Germany and in many European countries (eg Benelux, Austria and Eastern European countries) only on the Fa. Schnaidt GmbH. 
CDM® was developed specifically for use as solder frames or masks material and proven by the high stiffness at higher temperatures and good workability in molding of difficult.

Material types
CDM®-ESD 68.610 black
Specifications / Safety data sheet

CDM®-ESD 68.940 light grey
Specifications / Safety data sheet

If you want to customize your soldering frames for your own electronics production itself, please contact our Day-blank service available.
You usually get the goods the next day if the order until 12:00 clock we have received.
Please direct inquiries to:

Mrs. Ellen Broichhaus

By specifying the quantities desired, material types, lengths, widths and thicknesses of the blank.
Please look at also our other accessories for soldering frames.

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