Coating carrier, variable

Variable adjustable painting carrier

The coating of assemblies in electronics production is increasing in significance and, with it, the demands made of the entire coating process.

The basic requirements which must be met today are a higher throughput of assemblies, greater flexibility in the entire system, a high degree of accuracy during paint application and stability in the coating process. The coating system employed must meet these requirements, as should, at the very least, the carrier system used to transport assemblies through the coating process. The Schnaidt GmbH variable coating carrier system has been developed to take these factors into consideration. For example, variable support clips enable the uncomplicated depositing of assemblies in the carrier with reproducible precision.

Individual configuration of the carrier to match the outer geometry of the assembly to be painted is achieved effortlessly using the adjustable middle strip and supporting clips which can be moved in a slot system.

The complete carrier and the inserted assembly can be rotated through 180° for the two-sided coating process. The supports prevent the assembly from changing position and thus hold it exactly in place, even where heavy assemblies are involved. The outer geometry of the carrier is adapted to suit the requirements of both the conveying and coating systems.


All trolley / shelf systems are planned to suit your individual needs and meet our high standard Schnaidt. Many variations are possible, eg 1-fold, 2-fold or 3-way tower designs or drawer inserts for tools.

The cars / systems can be offered for solder frames, solder mask or in combination.

The trolleys / shelf systems are ideal for the collection of picks for upcoming soldering tasks and for storing the unused solder frames and solder mask.