Environmental protection begins on your own doorstep

100 % sustainable energy enables us to save 280.8 tonnes of CO² per annum.

2014 saw our promises transformed into action as, rather than simply concluding a conventional electricity contract, we decided to opt for a supply of 100 % sustainable energy. This decision in favour of sustainable energy means that, given an annual consumption currently totalling 538,000 kilowatt hours, we will be able to save 280.8 tonnes of CO² per annum in future! This represents a significant contribution on our part to environmental protection and climate change mitigation.
The choice of the AmmerNatur sustainable energy product will also support projects in Ammerbuch, as Gemeindewerke Ammerbuch GmbH, the local utility provider, intends to invest 100 % of additional revenues generated through AmmerNatur in the development of electricity generation from sustainable sources. For example, 2013 saw the construction of several photovoltaic systems by Gemeindewerke Ammerbuch GmbH in Altingen, Poltringen, Pfäffingen and Reusten.