SCHUNK is the No. 1 global leader when it comes to clamping and gripping systems, and users around the world place their faith in the precision, reliability and durability of SCHUNK products. As part of this innovative family enterprise, SCHUNK Electronic Solutions has for many years been the leading manufacturer of linear motor axes, with these products also being used in customized machinery. The focus in the area of machinery is on modern electronic assembly production processes. These systems and equipment meet the highest expectations of increasing miniaturisation, the use of highly sensitive components and the growing quality demands made in PCB production.

Schnaidt GmbH cooperates with SCHUNK Electronic Solutions GmbH in the area of workpiece carriers for depaneling technology. Depaneling separators from SCHUNK Electronic Solutions are high-performance process components for the separation of individual PCB’s for electronic assemblies. End mills, saws or laser heads are used for separation. The separation processes employed are particularly quick and reliable, involve minimum stress and guarantee a maximum level of productivity and the finest separation quality.


Our partner EEE S.A. has great experience and a very good network in the Romanian market. The company supports the electronic production through sales and service activities for various well-known suppliers from its headquarters in Timisoara and with subsidiaries in Sebes and Cluj.

In addition to suppliers such as Fritsch, Warmbier or Elsold, we profit above all from the long-lasting partnership between EEE and Ersa in the field of soldering technology. Our partner is always close to the wave and selective soldering processes of the major automotive suppliers and provides them with competent advice on how to improve their production processes – of course also with solutions from Schnaidt.

In addition to the support of our sales team on the Romanian market, we especially appreciate the service philosophy of EEE, so that we were able to considerably optimize the support for our customers on site. This particularly applies for the supply with spare parts, which is important due to mass production in Romania.

ATX Hardware GmbH West

As Europe’s market leader in adapter construction, many renowned customers worldwide rely on ATX testing devices. The owner-managed and solid company produces contact systems for testing electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards and, with its two sites in Pürgen and Weil im Schönbuch, is one of the largest test fixture builders in Europe. With powerful and cost-effective standard devices, as well as tailor-made solutions based on first-class in-house developments, the ATX is your long-time experienced specialist for all test adapter technologies. The product portfolio ranges from ICT vacuum adapters to pneumatic and mechanical functional test or end-of-line adapters as well as in-line adapters for all common lines.

In cooperation with the company Schnaidt adapter systems were developed, which allow the test of the already isolated assemblies in the separation recording used for the Nutzentrennen. As a result, the handling times can be optimized for the customer. It also ensures that after testing, the assembly is no longer damaged in the separation process.