Rehm Conformal Coating Day

Rehm Conformal Coating Day at 03/02/2017

On March 2, 2017 Rehm Thermal Systems organized the Conformal Coating Day.

The coating of electronic assemblies is an important measure to avoid corrosion-related malfunctions. Within the production of the electronic assembly, coating is normally the last process step. Mistakes can be very cost intensive here and in the worst case can deliver devastating results in the field.

The seminar, organized by the company Rehm Thermal Systems, offered the participants the opportunity to deal extensively with the production process “protective coating” and its function on electronic assemblies.

The company Schnaidt GmbH, together with the specialist lecturer “Special requirements on the varnishing carrier”, informed all participants about the possibilities which varnish carriers can contribute to process safety and optimization.

In the course of the course, the participants were able to see the benefits of the different versions of variable- and project-specific varnishing vats from Schnaidt. In-depth expertise and process know-how in the painting process make the company Schnaidt the No. 1 supplier for varnishing machine carriers!

Mr. Christian Aichele