Wave soldering frames with specific masking and holding systems
Selective solder carriers
Reflow solder carriers


The right connection is decisive during soldering… and we do not simply mean the thermal process required to achieve firm bonding of materials but, more importantly, the connection of soldering equipment to your product using our professional systems.

Experience how our soldering technology products can make your product producible and how your production efficiency increases and your process reliability is enhanced.


Schnaidt GmbH enables you to feed assemblies safely through the wave soldering process through the use of soldering masks specifically adapted to suit the project.

For example, SMD covering pockets with a wall thickness of up to 0.3mm can mask and protect SMD components against wave solder.

Individually adapted holding systems enable the fixing of components to prevent their floatation as a result of wave pressure and their detection through scanning and confirmation of positioning using position coding to avoid erroneous picking and placing and, consequently, reworking.

Simple solution

Solder mask with all-round support
PCB holding through twisting lock (SMD components are adhered or not present)

All-round support with twisting lock

Standard solution

Solder mask with SMD covering pockets manufactured in CDM
Centring and engaging elements for pressing fixture

Position coding for components


Solder mask with SMD covering pockets manufactured in titanium
Centring and engaging elements for pressing fixture with component identification scanning, incl. tie rods

Identification scanning of components